Other Equipment

Tasman offers a vast range of high quality drilling equipment and accessories as listed below.




Kelly Valves


Kelly Valve Drilling Equipment

Kelly valve is a full opening valve that provides positive pressure control of the fluids in the drill string. These valves can be used as a drill pipe safety valve or upper Kelly valve to control blowout pressures, or as a lower Kelly valve to prevent loss of drilling fluid when the Kelly is disconnected.




The valve seats in both directions with metal to metal seals. Available in 10,000 psi as standard working pressure, 15,000 psi working pressure is available in certain sizes on request. The valve uses a hexagonal socket on the operating stem and has positive stops in the open and closed positions.




J3W1472 - Subs Equipment

Bit Sub


The Bit sub is used just above the bit and acts as a crossover between the drill collar connection and the bit connection: it also houses the float valve.


Bull Nose Sub


The Bull Nose Sub acts as a guide of sufficient linear dimensions to guide the attached component through the existing wellbore sidetrack. The Bullnose Sub contains ports in the rounded end: the include ports to enable circulation of fluids through the Bullnose into the wellbore.


Crossover Sub


The Crossover sub is a short subassembly used to enable two components with different thread types or sizes to be connected. Tasman offers a variety of crossover subs for drillpipe, tubing and non-magnetic.


Drop-Ball Sub


The Drop Ball Circulating Sub is designed to run immediately above or below the bottom hole assembly (BHA), activation is accomplished by dropping a chrome steel ball from surface and applying pressure. This causes the pin in the sub to shear allowing the sleeve to drop from its primary position to its secondary position, opening three sub ports which divert the flow to the annulus.


Float Sub


The Float sub is used to house the float valve sometimes referred to as the back pressure valve. The float valve functions as a safety between the wellbore and the inside of the drillstring to prevent drilling fluid from back-flowing up to the surface.


Lift Sub


The Lift Sub enables safe, efficient handling of straight tubulars.




DSI – PBL Bypass System Leader in Down-Hole Circulation Technology


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Tasman is an approved supplier of PBL Bypass System, a simple and reliable tool that can assist you in reducing drilling costs associated with different types of hole conditions. Originally developed to enable the aggressive pumping of LCM materials and to increase circulation rates for enhanced hole cleaning, the PBL has evolved to benefit many applications in the drilling, completion, and workover phases of a well.


The PBL tool has proven to be a financially beneficial incentive for operators, by substantially reducing loss rig time and circulating hours.
A special safety feature of the tool is, that whenever pumps are turned off, the sleeve shifts to the closed position and isolates the ports, which eliminates the u-tube effect and assures full well integrity.

The vinyl ball will shear through the seat at a predetermined pressure. 100% of the flow will be re-established to the drill bit. All balls will fall into the ball catcher cage which is designed to hold up to 5 sets of balls. Extended catcher cages to accommodate up to 10 sets of balls are available on request.


High temperature applications – up to 450°F (232°C)




PBL Multiple Activation Jetting Tool
PBL Multiple Activation Autolock Bypass System
PBL Sliding Sleeve Big Bore System



pbl applications


Specification Table & Sheets

Multiple Activation Bypass System
Sliding Sleeve Big Bore System
Multi Activation Jetting Tools



350 dp operating instructions
475 dp operating instructions
675 dp operating instructions
825 dp operating instructions
950 dp operating instructions
1200 dp operating instructions
autolock operating instructions
ssbb (lwd compatible)-opr. instruction


Visit PBL Bypass System website for more information.



Saver Sub


The Saver Sub is used to extend the life of the drill stem component it is made up to by taking the ware. The Saver Sub connection is sacrificed because it can be easily repaired or inexpensively replaced.


Universal Bottom Hole Orientation (UBHO) Subs


The Universal Bottom Hole Orientation (UBHO) Sub is used in a directional drilling BHA. It is often referred to as a mule shoe sub. This device is typically run directly below a drill collar and contains a landing sleeve for directional survey equipment. This sub is used to establish the “high side of the tool”, which is essential for knowing the tools orientation in the wellbore.


Mule Shoes


A Mule Shoe is a sub with a nose open to allow fluid to pass such as cement and also to orient the drill stem downhole. Mule Shoes are manufactured in house as per client specifications.


The cementing hoses listed below are not designed to use as a high pressure system. These are simply plastic open ended hoses used for topping up cement.

  • Top up cement hose, c/w x-over & 1502 WECO female fitting & 10m x 1″ alkathene pipe
  • Top up cement hose, c/w x-over & 1502 WECO female fitting & 25m x 2″ alkathene pipe