Frac Ponds

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Tasman offers a variety of high-capacity frac ponds for rent, ranging from 500,000 litres to 10 Megalitres (3,500 to 60,000 bbls). With Tasman’s innovative modular design, these high-volume frac ponds can be easily customized and installed within a single day. By utilizing these ponds, the necessity, cost, and environmental complexities associated with excavating large drilling sumps or “turkey nests” can be effectively eliminated.

Advantages of Frac Ponds:

  • Modular design from 500,000 litres to 10 megalitres
  • Replace up to 80 standard 500 bbls frac tanks
  • Facilitate multi-well programs & re-use of frac fluids on successive wells
  • Provides semi-permanent central storage capacity for program-based operations
  • Significantly reduce site footprint and environmental impact
  • Quick to install in just one day
  • A level surface is all that is required to erect pond

Product Range includes:

  • 7 to 7ML Frac Ponds


  • Australian Certified Designed & Manufactured
  • Unique modular design that can be easily modified to your operation’s needs (from 4,500 bbl to 41,000 bbl capacity)
  • Panels secured with pins and hinges and held by hoop stress inherent in round design
  • Hinge system supports 5x the pressure it will be exposed to
  • Re-usable & 100% Recyclable Steel
  • Fire resistant structure
  • Internal plastic liner lasts up to one year
  • Lightweight Liner & Geo membrane with Leak Systems available upon request