Small diameter pipe, with pin and box tool joints that are run in to a completed well. Wells can be tested and produced through a string of tubing. Our tubing connections are designed to be used in moderate-to-high pressure oil & gas wells requiring metal seal reliability with good structural capability. Recommended for use in gas wells and higher pressure oil wells.





Production Tubing, Work strings, High Alloy Tubing.

Our current stock consists of 2.7/8” and 5” OD tubing.





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Tubing, 2.0625, 3.25ppf, TSHW511
Tubing, 2.875, 6.46ppf, TSHW511
Tubing, 2.875, 6.50ppf, L80
Tubing, 2.875, L80, 6.50ppf, Hydril 533
Tubing, 2.875, L80, 6.50ppf, EUE
Tubing, 3.500, L80, 12.95ppf, PH6
Tubing, 3.500, T95, 15.80ppf, PH6
Tubing, 5.000, T95, 24.10ppf, Hydril Wedge 563