Koomey Units

The Tasman Koomey Accumulators come as skid mounted units with control panel and supplied with hose to customer requirement. Koomey designed BOP control systems meet or exceed the design standard as specified in API 16D. This control system is specifically engineered in order to assure reliable control of the BOP stack with adequate reserve for continuous operation under emergency conditions. This unit has a working pressure of 3,000psi and is compatible with all BOP’s.



An accumulator or Koomey BOP Control System is a unit used to hydraulically operate Rams BOP, Annular BOP, HCR and some hydraulic equipment. There are several of high pressure cylinders that store gas (in bladders) and hydraulic fluid or water under pressure for hydraulic activated systems. The primary purpose of this unit is to supply hydraulic power to the BOP stack in order to close/open BOP stack for both normal operational and emergency situation. Stored hydraulic in the system can provide hydraulic power to close BOP’s in well control operation, therefore, kick volume will be minimized.


General Features: