Drilling Jars

Drilling Jars allow an upward or downward jarring action to free stuck drill stem components.
Tasman provides two types of drilling jars, mechanical and hydraulic. Tasman’s drilling jars are the perfect and reliable solution to free stuck objects downhole.

The DJ-6 Hydra-Mechanical Drilling Jar is one of the toughest and most durable jars in the oil and gas industry. Suitable for directional, horizontal and deep hole applications both onshore and offshore.

Free stuck pipe or other drilling components with this high impact drilling jar. The DJ10 is assembled with the same dependable mechanical lock (latch) mechanism as the Cougar DS DJ6, but with the capacity to jar down hydraulically.

The Tasman Jar Tester unit is designed to test the operation of fishing jars, down hole drilling tools and drilling jars.