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Thick-walled, seamless steel pipe with pin and box shouldered tool joints used in rotary drilling to turn the drill bit and to provide a conduit for the drilling mud.

Our range consists of 2.7/8″ to 5.1/2″ OD with API tool joint connections in various grades and weights.

More drill pipe sizes are available on request.

Tasman also offers Premium Drill Pipe with double shoulder connections.

Tasman’s preferred applications of hard banding for drill pipe tool joints and BHA components (HWDP, Drill Collars) are ARNCO 350XT or Duraband® NC. DURABAND® NC is a Fearnley Group NS-1™ certified product under its Accreditation program; which is not only designed to protect the drill pipe from wearing but also to protect the casing. Tasman uses a robotic welding system for hardbanding drill pipe.


Visit ARNCO’s website for more information on 150XT and 350XT hardbanding products. http://www.hardbanding.com


Visit Hardbanding Solutions by Postle Industries website for more information on Duraband® NC.


Download Technical Data Sheets

Drillpipe, 2.875 E-75, 1.500 ID, 10.40ppf, NC31
Drillpipe, 2.875 S-135, 1.500 ID, 10.40ppf, 2.875 HT PAC
Drillpipe, 3.500, 110KSI, 2,25 ID, NC38
Drillpipe, 3.500, S-135, 2.438 ID, 13.3ppf, NC38
Drillpipe, 3.500, S-135, 2,438 ID, 15.5ppf, GP-NC38
Drillpipe 3.500 S-135, 2.5625 ID, 15.5ppf NC38
Drillpipe, 3.500, G-105, 2.438 ID, 15.5ppf, NC38
Drillpipe, 4.000, S-135, 2.562 ID, 14ppf, DPM-MT39
Drillpipe, 4.140, S-135, 2,437 ID, 14ppf, DPM-DS38
Drillpipe, 5.000 S-135, 3.250 ID, 19.50ppf, DPM-DS50
Drillpipe, 5.000, S-135, 3.250 ID, 25.60ppf, DPM-DS50
Drillpipe, 5.000, S135, 4.276ID, NC50
Drillpipe, 5.500 S-135, 4.00 ID, 21.90ppf, DPM-DS55
Drillpipe, 5.500 CYX 105-120, Range 3, 21.90ppf, GPDS55