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EFTsure Software Solution Update

Tasman Oil Tools is implementing EFTsure software solution as part of its accounts payable processes to improve security measures. From May 2024, suppliers who currently undertake business with Tasman should expect to receive an email from an organisation called EFTsure, inviting you to confirm your details with them – this will include your business name, ABN, and bank account details.

EFTsure offers an independent, real-time, continuous controls monitoring platform meticulously designed to validate the integrity of online transactions and supplier data. This ensures the accurate transfer of electronic funds, providing heightened confidence for all parties involved.

EFTsure places paramount importance on security, with stringent guidelines in place for all staff members to adhere to. The company understands the gravity of cyber fraud threats, including phishing scams and fraudulent alterations to payment data files, and is committed to safeguarding against them.

If you wish to learn more about the EFTsure software solution please click here.

If you have any enquiries or concerns leading up to, during and/or after providing your details to EFTsure, please do not hesitate to contact us on +61 8 9379 2100.

First motor run with Dynomax

We’re proud to partner with Dynomax Drilling Tools Inc., recently completing our first motor run with them using the Orbit Rotary Steerable System to drill 1172m.

With an impressive timeframe of less than 20 days to build the motors, transport them from Canada to Australia, and complete the run, Dynomax delivers on innovation, reliability, and efficiency.

New Plymouth ISO Recertification

Tasman are proud to have recently completed a certification audit with @DNV, which took place at our New Plymouth facility in New Zealand.

This audit is part of our revised certification agreement that expanded the scope of certification to cover all sites. This now includes our facilities in New Zealand, Western Australia, and Queensland under one encompassing certification.

During the revision, the scope of certification was also amended to cover product sales, the rental of drilling and well intervention tools, and associated support services to the Oilfield (Onshore and Offshore), Coal Seam Gas, Geothermal, and Mining sectors, as well as other energy-providing sectors.

This process will provide certification of our Integrated Management System’s compliance with ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 9001:2015.

The two-day audit at our New Plymouth facility identified no non-conformances, one observation, and two opportunities for improvement. The key objective of this audit was to determine the conformity of the Integrated Management System with relevant standards, alongside evaluating its effectiveness to ensure Tasman can achieve specified objectives and meet statutory, regulatory, and contractual requirements.

As a world-leading certification body, DNV helps assure the performance of our products, people, facilities, and supply chains. These certifications provide clients with a high level of assurance that our services and products comply with an internally recognised standard.

Thank you to our incredible team for your efforts! We’re looking forward to our next DNV certification audit planned for the Bassendean facility in November this year.

9 5/8” Rubblizer™ Achieves Longest Interval at 1,017ft

Tasman are proud partners of Deep Casing Tools, who deliver simple, sustainable innovation across the well life cycle.

Deep Casing Tools’ Rubblizer™ technology achieved its longest interval to date at 1,017 ft when it was deployed to aid our client’s casing recovery operation in Queensland.

Our client was experiencing issues with sustained annulus casing pressure, and the recovery of a section of 9 5/8” casing was required. This casing was cemented in place from a depth of 155m back to the surface.

The annulus pressure was stabilised, before the Rubblizer™ was used to recover the top section of casing. A series of cuts were performed and this was achieved with two passes from 508 ft BRT back up to 39 ft BRT, and a third pass operating the tool across the remaining 12 casing connections to achieve a total length of 1,017 ft. This is the longest interval the tool has been operated across to date!

Following the successful operation, our client’s Senior Drilling Engineer commented, “The Rubblizer™ operation was a success and all indications were that the casing was free. We would not hesitate to use the tool again.”

Read the full case study here.

Case Study: Tasman Deploy 3 1/8” Impulse Downhole ActiPulse® FRT for CSG Client

In November Tasman assisted a valued client in the Australian CSG market with a shallow-depth liner pull operation.

Conventional cut and pull operations using a Jar were not possible due to limitations of the rig package and the shallow depth of the liner top. As an alternative, our team deployed a 3 1/8” @Impulse Downhole ActiPulse FRT to reduce the friction of the gravel pack, mitigate jarring damage to the rig package, and ensure personnel safety.

Read our case study to learn more about this operation.

Tasman’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Message from our Managing Director

As the global outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) develops and continues to impact communities across the world, all our lives will undoubtedly be affected, in some way or another.

At Tasman our main, and primary concerns are the health and wellbeing of our employees and their families, clients, contractors, visitors and suppliers, as well as the communities in the Countries in which we operate.

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Tasman Group strict actions on COVID-19

The Novel CoronaVirus, or COVID-19 as we are more familiar with, is causing worldwide concern due to it’s high infection rate, and impact it’s having on the global economy.

The Tasman Group Management is taking the matter very seriously, and is doing everything practical to protect the health of our staff, contractors, and visitors.

As part of our actions to provide a safe working environment, we are taking strict measures with all staff, contractors, and visitors to Tasman sites.

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Yael Mitchell, Wins Business Women of the Year 2019 at CEO Today!

We are pleased to announce that our Group Marketing Manager, Yael Mitchell, was recently named as one of the Australian winners of the CEO Today’s Business Women of the Year Awards 2019, for her sales and marketing efforts.

The CEO Today Business Women of the Year Awards are dedicated to recognising the achievements and leadership of women in business and celebrates female entrepreneurs and CEO’s who continue to lead in their respective sectors and influence the wider corporate agenda.

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Tasman Oil Tools expands its operations in Asia Pacific

We’re expanding into Singapore

We are pleased to start the new year with an announcement of Tasman Oil Tools expansion into Singapore, following the agreement to acquire a complementary oil tool rental fleet based in South East Asia, as a result of the liquidation of a competitor group.

This base will support Tasman’s existing and future clients throughout the Region.
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Tasman Oil Tools has entered into an agreement to acquire an Asia based oil tool rental fleet group.

Tasman is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement to acquire a complementary oil tool rental fleet based in Asia, as a result of the liquidation of a competitor group. The purchase price is up to a maximum of US$4.0 million and again demonstrates Tasmans’ continued investment within the industry sector.
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The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment

As part of our services in oil & gas drilling it is critically important to ensure proper working and fitting personal protective equipment is used, not only for workers but also for visitors and contractors for any organizations, even if it’s meant to be used as the last line of defence for any hazards and risks that come along with the working environment.
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Rental vs Buying Oil Tools

Depressed oil and gas prices have put the pressure on upstream oil and gas companies to increase efficiency at every level. Companies have been looking to rent oilfield equipment to reduce equipment costs. Renting equipment can be a great way to save costs, yet purchasing equipment also has its benefits. Factors such as downtime, storage, transport and availability will effect equipment costs. Sometimes it may be a case of purchasing some equipment and hiring other items depending on your needs. In this post Tasman Oil Tools will outline how to choose whether to buy or rent your oil tools.
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Olio & Tasman Oil Tools Joint Venture

Tasman Oil Tools Group (“Tasman”) and OLIO Resources Sdn Bhd (“OLIO”) are pleased to announce the launch of a new Joint Venture entity, OLIO Tasman Oil Tools Sdn Bhd (“OLIO Tasman”). The venture (an OLIO subsidiary) combines the resources, expertise and capacity of both Companies, to supply Drilling Rental Tools, Wellbore Clean Up and Pressure Control Solutions to the South East Asian region.
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Ian Gardner Appointed Managing Director of Tasman Oil Tools

Tasman Oil Tools’ has recently announced the appointment of Ian Gardner as Managing Director. Ian joined Northbridge Industrial Services plc, Tasman’s parent Company, in 2007 and has been responsible for the expansion of the Group’s activities across the Eastern Hemisphere, across all trading divisions and he holds a seat on the Northbridge board of Directors.
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