The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment

As part of our services in oil & gas drilling it is critically important to ensure proper working and fitting personal protective equipment is used, not only for workers but also for visitors and contractors for any organizations, even if it’s meant to be used as the last line of defence for any hazards and risks that come along with the working environment.

Our wide range of services in the industry, put our staff in front of hazards such as chemical exposure, machine & falling hazards, and fire; meaning we need to ensure our PPE meets a range of requirements, allowing our staff to operate & setup equipment in safety.

What are the requirements for the selection of PPE?

Throughout our onshore and offshore activities, each job and each workplace have varying requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE).  Requirements for PPE will be determined following a risk assessment of the work process, and what equipment will be required to complete the job.

We have listed several key areas to consider when selecting the right PPE for the job and these are as follows:

  • Has a risk assessment been done to determine what PPE is required?
  • Have the staff been consulted in the process of selecting PPE required for the particular tasks?
  • Does PPE fit properly and is comfortable to wear?
  • Are staff trained in PPE procedures, such as the fit, use and maintenance of PPE
  • Is a maintenance program established for PPE?
  • Are staff aware of the disciplinary action to be taken if PPE procedures are not adhered to?
  • Where there are risks to potential hazards such as foot injuries, the risk of flying objects, sparks or filaments, exposure to dusts. Is there adequate PPE provided to staff?

Ensuring the PPE requirements are met is our number one priority before commencing any of our drilling services, and equipment operation as we value the safety of our staff.

Tasman’s Obligation

All organizations, including Tasman Oil Tools, have a general obligation to ensure that the safety of workers, visitors and contractors extends to providing adequate PPE for the job, to help prevent workplace injury.

For Tasman to secure the correct PPE for the job, we have to address our risk assessment checklists, engaged staff involvement, and also consider closely that the PPE that we procure complies with applicable international and national safety standards.

In addition, supervision is the critical step to ensure that staff, visitors and contractors to the workplace wear the required PPE at all times. Where non-adherence to safety practices by any person on-site, comes with disciplinary consequences if there is a failure to wear the required PPE for the job.

Contacting Tasman Oil Tools

If you’re currently engaged in our services, or seeking our expertise in the oil & gas industry, and would like to learn more about what our company offering is and the types of PPE requirements are needed and issued to all our staff to ensure activity is done in a safe manner, please contact us for more information at