Oil & Gas Equipment and Services List

Tasman is a supplier of oil and gas products and services, stocking a wide range of oil and gas equipment for your drilling needs, including: down-hole drilling tools rental, fishing and re-entry tools, tubular running equipment and pressure control equipment. We are operating in Australia and New Zealand. Tasman specialises in the rental of drilling tools suitable for onshore and offshore drilling, coal bed methane and geothermal drilling operations.

Oil and Gas Industry Products and Services

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Tasman recognizes the importance to the client of not just supplying equipment, but the necessity of offering a total package of assets, oil and gas services and engineering support. Tasman has the knowledge and expertise that comes with vast experience in the oilfield services industry. With Tasman you can trust you have chosen the right partner for your oil and gas project.

Downhole Drilling Tools Rental

Tasman has a large varied selection of downhole drilling rental tools including over 10,000 tubular assets available, drilling jars, intensifiers and shock tools by Cougar, hole openers, roller reamers, stabilizers and other Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) tools. Learn more.

Fishing and Re-Entry Tools

Stray and damaged tools can result in equipment lost downhole causing downtime to drilling and workover operations. Tasman has a large range of fishing and re-entry products engineered to maximize overall drilling operation efficiency and reduce Non Productive Time (NPT). Learn more

Tubular Running Equipment

The handling of drill pipe, casing and tubing is integral to safe and efficient operations in downhole drilling. Tasman has a wide range of tubular running products and services available to rent or hire including casing, power tongs, elevators and more.  Learn more.

Pressure Control Equipment

The importance of Pressure Control Equipment cannot be underestimated as a critical component in the industry. Tasman can supply Blow Out Preventers from 4.1/16in to 21.1/4in as well as a large selection of other associated pressure control equipment, including adapter spools, hydraulic hoses and more. Learn more.

Mud Management Equipment

Tasman offers a range of mud management equipment to assist with drilling waste removal. Tasman’s range of drilling waste and mud management equipment includes: ditch magnets, mud buckets, mud hoppers, wash down pump units and vacuum fluid retrieval units. Learn more.

Workshop Services

Tasman offer the added value to our clients by the in-house repairing, maintaining, testing and third party NDT inspecting for either our own or client owned equipment. Learn more.