Tasman Oil Tools has a wide range of oilfield fishing and re-entry tools for the retrieval of lost or damaged tooling from the borehole. When damaged equipment falls into the wellbore the “fish” or “junk” must be removed as quickly as possible to minimise down time. Tasman’s wide range of fishing tools for the oil and gas industry include casing scrapers, junk baskets, overshots, fishing spears, fishing jars, fishing magnets and more. Each individual downhole fishing tool is precisely designed for a specific function and to retrieve a certain type of junk. Tasman’s wide range of fishing tools can assist with all your borehole retrieval needs. Take a look at our range below or contact Tasman’s friendly staff for more information.

Hydraulic Junk Basket


The Hydraulic Junk Basket can be located above a Bit or a Mill and is designed to catch milled fragments when drilling through metal or cement. We offer boot baskets from 4.3/4″ – 17.1/2″.


Reverse Circulating Jet Junk Basket

RCJB’s are junk retrieval tools designed to remove all types of objects from the bottom hole and are run and actuated downhole via the reverse circulation of drilling fluid.


Designed to cut through casing downhole in the event of casing being stuck or when abandoning an offshore well site.


Used downhole in fishing operations to deliver an impact load to another stuck downhole component. We offer 3.1/8″, 4.1/4″, 4.3/4″ and 6.1/4″ fishing jars, fishing jar intensifiers and bumper subs.

A tool for magnetized retrieval of downhole ferrous debris, our range covers hole sizes up to 11″.


Used to grind or mill any item which may be lost downhole and preventing or inhibiting drilling. We offer flat bottom, cement, bladed, watermelon and taper mills ranging from 2.7/8″ to 17.1/4″. We also have the unique ability to customize and build such mills in house and within very tight turnaround periods to client specified requirements.


An overshot is a downhole tool used for fishing or retrieving, a drill string from the hole. We offer 3.15/16″, 5.3/4″, 7.7/8″, 8.1/8″, 8.3/8″ and 11.3/4″ in both Full Strength and Slimhole versions along with various overshot extensions and oversized guides.




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Series 150 Overshot
Series 150 Overshot Standard Components
Series 150 Overshot Accessories


Grapple Releasing Spear is an internal catch fishing tool designed to retrieve tubular members. Our spears range from 2.7/8″ – 13.3/8″.

Taper Taps are non-rotating and provide internal tubular fish.

Wash pipe is run in the hole over the stuck pipe. Drilling mud is pumped down the wash pipe to wash away the debris to free stuck tubulars so drilling operations can resume.