Shock Tools

Shock Tool - Downhole Drilling Equipment

Shock tools dampen and eliminate vibrations caused by hard formation drilling. Drill string bounce is kept to a minimum thus increasing drill string life. Tasman can offer shock tools from 6.1/2″ OD to 9″.

ST5 Shock Tool

The Cougar Drilling Solutions ST5 Shock Tool is designed for a wide range of drilling conditions.Deep, hot and deviated wells can all be drilled efficiently – from spud to T.D.

ST5 Benefits


The Cougar ST5 Shock Tool is designed and constructed to withstand high temperatures, high torques, H2S, CO2 and other corrosive materials and environments.


Tool joints and API body connections are relieved of stress using a modified API relief groove on pin connections. All threads are treated with an anti-corrosion and anti-galling coating.


The use of Computer Aided Design (CAD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) enhance the performance of the ST5. CAD and FEA provide the highest standards of design geometry and accuracy. CAM ensures the high quality and repeatability of precision manufacturing required for today’s extreme drilling applications.

ST5 Shock Tool placement

For optimal tool performance, the Cougar DS ST5 Shock Tool should be placed just above the bit to minimize the amount of un-sprung mass below the tool. Please note: Improper location in the bottom hole assembly can cause severe damage to the shock tool. The Cougar DS ST5 Shock Tool should be placed where it is exposed to minimum side loading or bending stress. The shock tool should have the equivalent amount of stabilization on either end. If it is stabilized at the lower connection, there should be stabilization within 30 ft. of the upper connection.

Operating Features

The Cougar DS Shock Tool’s unique Belleville spring arrangement allows for spring rates tailored to specific applications. The shock tool is supplied with a standard spring configuration to ensure optimum performance with typical tool placement, and drill bit configurations. The Cougar DS ST5 Shock Tool can be supplied with a spring arrangement specifically tailored to PDC bit usage. A PDC bit spring configuration is a special arrangement of the Belleville spring at the time of tool service, but can be supplied in any size of Cougar DS shock tools.

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