Exciting new rental service partnership announcement for Tasman Oil Tools and Eurotechnology in Qatar

Tasman Oil Tools is pleased to announce the company’s expansion into Qatar by teaming-up with Eurotechnology.

The Eurotechnology Group is a long established independent oil and gas service company, providing innovative technical solutions for non-destructive testing, tubular repairs, refurbishment of tools and equipment & machining services. Services include drill stem inspections, tubular end finishing and fabrication of system tools equipment through its advanced and patented technologies. Eurotechnology is self-supported by its in-house, state of the art operations, along with a sophisticated quality management and training system, including its new oilfield manufacturing facility.

With the partnership of Eurotechnology, we are positioned to execute on an exciting and strong business strategy. There is great promise in this emerging company and its outlook for discovering new opportunities in the market.

We look forward to working with Eurotechnology Group and see this as a great opportunity to develop our downhole drilling rental operations in Qatar.

For more information on Eurotechnology Group visit www.eurotechnologygroup.com;

For any enquiries please contact Cory C. Twarog – Country Manager – Tasman Oil Tools Qatar at cory.twarog@tasmanoiltools.com

Eurotechnology Group Partnership With Tasman Oil Tools