Tasman Break – Out / Make – Up Unit

The Tasman break-out unit is designed to provide easy and trouble free make-up and break-out of Drilling Tools, BHA and Completion Equipment.

The unit has flexibility for use on equipment; which allows the operator to apply a precise amount of torque that can be accurately read on the analogue gauge as well as the digital torque logger. The clamping force is proportional to the diameter and applied uniformly thereby the clamped part is unharmed, the line true and the connections protected.

The unit consist of a standard length bed, standalone control console and two extension beams on either side with support trolleys and push/pull unit mounted. The tail stock is driven through a gearbox / motor with a sprocket / chain arrangement through the length of the bed. The tail stock has a heavy duty spinner mounted on it with and option of transferring the spinner to the head stock.

The standalone console allows more flexible operation. This houses the electric motor, pump, reservoir and other valves. The top plate has all gauges, control valves, pressure adjustments and the analogue torque gauge.

The torque logger allows Tasman to monitor and record torqueing joints with the help of a touch screen console.

For enquiries, please contact your local Tasman sales representative or email: infoau@tasmanoiltools.com

Tasman Break-out / Make-up unit
Tasman Torque Report
General Specifications
Electrical Specifications

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