Our Partners

Tasman’s hallmark is excellence in all things, and we’re proud of the loyal partnerships we’ve cultivated with oil and gas equipment industry leaders. These relationships allow our customers to access a diverse fleet of proven tools that effectively minimise downtime and deliver cost efficiency.

Varel Energy Solutions

With over 70 years of expertise and a global presence, Varel Energy Solutions continues to drive the energy sector with high standards of performance, innovative products, better business solutions, and superior customer experience. Their commitment to building strong relationships and sharing knowledge empowers clients around the world.


DSI FZE provide specialised technical knowledge and over two decades experience supplying their core solution – the PBL Multiple Activation Bypass System. This proven tool offers a solution for many common drilling problems, and combined with their expertise ensures increased security and reliability.

Cougar Drilling Solutions

Cougar Drilling Solutions have been designing, manufacturing, and deploying solutions for the Oil and Gas industry since 1969. Their commitment to creatively reducing the cost of drilling wells continues to drive innovation, and support customers to overcome operational challenges.

Impulse Downhole Tools

Impulse Downhole Tools design and implement leading edge technology focused on reducing friction encountered in the horizontal drilling process. Led by oil field service sector experts, their solutions save time, reduce costs, and maximise efficiency.

Deep Casing Tools

Deep Casing Tools are committed to delivering simple, sustainable innovation across the well life cycle. They have spent more than a decade supporting the energy industry to achieve net zero targets with proven tools that deliver time and cost efficiency to reduce emissions.

NOV Directional Drilling Technologies

NOV has empowered the global energy industry for over 150 years, providing innovation that prioritises safe and abundant energy production whilst minimising environmental impact. Today, the energy industry looks to them for the next step in improved oilfield operations and for assistance to advance the energy transition.