Health & Safety Bulletin – The Effects Of Smoking – Sep 16

Did you know that every cigarette you smoke is harming nearly every organ and system in your body? There are short and long term effects of smoking as well as passive smoking effects;

  • Short term effects of smoking (Heart rate, blood pressure, injures your organs and vessels, cough, etc.)
  • Long term effects of smoking (Loss of appetite, yellowing of teeth and facial hair, bad breath, lung cancer and other cancers of the mouth and throat, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, memory loss, premature aging and death, low sperm count, etc.)
  • Passive smoking effects or second-hand smoke (SHS) has the same harmful chemicals that smokers inhale. There is no safe level of exposure for second-hand smoke (SHS)

Decided to quit? For help, talk to your doctor or pharmacist or call the Quitline in your country (AU: 131 848, NZ: 0800 778 778, UAE: 800123 7848, EG: 1 866 784 8937) Learn the many benefits of quitting & DON’T MAKE SMOKES YOUR STORY Read More