Health & Safety Bulletin – Mental Health & Wellbeing – June 21

Health and wellbeing encompasses’ not only the person’s physical fitness but also their mental wellbeing.

Mental health in the workplace ranges from number of psychological hazards including poor support, low role clarity, high and low job demand, poor organizational change management, poor environmental conditions, traumatic events.

Exposure to these psychological hazards can lead to work-related stress which has been linked to high levels of:

  • Unplanned absences including sick leave,
  • Staff turnover
  • Withdrawal and presenteeism, and
  • Poor work and poor product quality.

It is important that people’s health and wellbeing is considered within the workplace, as well as away from it.

This Safety Bulletin covers mental health and wellbeing and highlights the importance of communicating and connecting with families, friends, work group and other social communities for support.

The diagram provides us a snapshot of different ways to improve health and wellbeing in our workplace, including sharing ideas and working together or merely just starting a conversation.