Health & Safety Bulletin – Classifying Chemicals – Feb 20

This Safety Bulletin highlights the requirement for the systematic identification of a chemicals hazards which we would always see at the chemical SDS’s or Safety Data Sheet.

Classification of chemicals is based on a defined criteria and includes its acute toxicity category, flammability category and others.

The hazard classification of chemical determines what information must be included on labels and the requirement for SDS to comply with the WHS Regulation framework.

Classification of Chemicals

Manufacturers or suppliers supplying chemicals to Tasman Group are required to provide the corresponding Safety Data Sheet information. It is important that chemicals that Tasman received have sufficient information not only available on the labels but also the catgeories of storage requirements.


GHS or Global Harmonization System for labelling was developed by the United Nations to create a single, global methodology for chemical classification and hazard communication using the labelling and Safety Data Sheet.

The labelling and SDS gives the users the prcatical, consistent and easy to understand information on chemical hazards and helps them take the appropriate preventative and protective measures for their health and safety.