Tasman offers a range of oil well cementing equipment, including Mule Shoes, Cementing String, Cementing Hoses and Triplex Pump.


Mule Shoes


A Mule Shoe is a sub with a nose open to allow fluid to pass such as cement and also to orient the drill stem downhole. Mule Shoes are manufactured in house as per client specifications.


Cementing String


Tasman 3.1/2″ IF Cementing String consists of 15 x 3.1/2″ IF Joints Class II pipe and one Cement Stinger mule shoe with 3.1/2″ IF Box connection.


Cementing Hoses


The cementing hoses listed below are not designed to use as a high pressure system. These are simply plastic open ended hoses used for topping up cement.



Triplex Pump


JWS S-165 Triplex Pump


The JWS Triplex Pump is a skid mounted pump unit designed to pump gravel slurries, it is also capable of pumping any number of well treating fluids. The standard unit is equipped with an auxiliary air compressor for actuating or supplying power to various ancillary equipment. This unit can be split into a pump skid and an engine skid for ease of handling.




Features and Benefits







  • 96 (2.44)
  • 84 (2.13)
  • 216 (5.50)
  • 20,430 (9,300)
  • Detroit 6V71 Engine Allison CLBT 750 Transmission
  • Rated Pressure 115-120 psi Rated Flow 12.5 cfm
  • Displacement Tanks Two 10 bbl Fuel Tank 100 gal

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